1. A form of energy, caused by the behavior of electrons and protons.
  2. A fundamental property of matter, appearing in negative and positive kinds.
  3. The flow of charge carriers within a conductor.
  4. A class of physical phenomena
  5. A field a physical science
    • 1646 .... Sir Thomas Browne, in ... (First known English usage)
    • 02.IX.2000 Householders could one day be producing as much electricity as all the country"s nuclear power stations combined, thanks to the revolutionary application of a device developed in the early 19th century. - James Meek, The Guardian (2000)


alternating current (AC
current – n.
energy – n.
power – n.

11 letters in word "electricity": C C E E I I L R T T Y.

No anagrams for electricity found in this word list.